Welcome to VCP
Welcome to VCP
Blue Star Platinum Range
Blue Star Platinum Range
Five Below Bracelets
Five Below Bracelets
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Rugged Maniac
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Go Matt!
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Blue Sky Turf
Costume Gallery 2015
Costume Gallery 2015

What We Do

Video City Productions is a commercial, corporate, and event video production studio located in Philadelphia. We’ve had the fortune of working with clients across the country; helping to tell their story, market their products, and capture their priceless moments. In our films, we focus on stunning imagery and effective narrative, but above all else, we strive to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

About Us

We produce commercials, sizzle reels, and marketing films that engage and excite your clients. Click here for samples.See our branding and promotional films
We’ve filmed countless corporate events, lectures presentations, and company meetings. Share your event with multi-cam videos and incorporated slideshows in whatever format you need to reach your audience.See our Corporate Work
You need to reach your donors with compelling content that motivates participation and support. Use video to get people to your event, enhance your event, and follow-up after the event. We can help your non-proft reach its goals. See samples.See our Non-Profit & Gala Work
Weddings are a one-of-a-kind milestone that brings together friends and family to celebrate your union for one incredible day. We understand the significance of that day and that you only get one chance to do it right. Our wedding videos represent both our experience and connection to our clients. Check out our wedding trailers here. See our Wedding & Mitzvah Work
Social media provides so many free ways to broadcast and reach your clients. Quality, compelling content shot on green screen in our studio or on-location at yours can make the difference and convert leads into sales.See our Social Media Video Work
We transfer anything to DVD and provide most of our services in-house. We can save your memories from obsolete and deteriorating formats by transferring them to digital. Imagine your film, video, audio, and stills preserved and available on your home entertainment system, pc, tablet, and mobile device. Try Our Media Transfer Calculator


Don’t fear small cameras!

We have spent years investing in and mastering the art behind capturing video in an effort to provide the highest quality deliverables. The latest evolution in cinematography has been the transition from ENG to […]

Quit droning on!

We have worked with a variety of clients in a variety of environments; from corporate events to weddings, from office interviews to mud runs, from warehouses to professional kitchens. Each shoot has a different […]

Why Non-Profits need to market with video

Video conveys emotion instantly. The right music matched with moving visuals and you can instantly captivate your audience. For non-profits and charities looking to appeal to their base for donations and support – video […]

Video City Productions Video City Studio will be closed Wednesday, May 27th and
Thursday, May 28th.
Our production crews are out on location.
So sorry for any inconvenience.
You can contact us at info@videocityinc.com
or leave a message at 215.735.8880
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Video City Productions Looking for fun stuff to do this month? Consider going to see our friend David Slovic's Whisper exhibit at the Delaware Center of Contemporary Arts. May 21 at 12noon Artist talk!18.05.2015 at 03:43 pmLike
Video City Productions Have a delicious weekend everyone!

And don't miss our latest BlueStar video of Michael D. Symon cooking at Institute of Culinary Education in NYC.
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Video City Productions Costume Gallery shoot.
2 cameras
1 day
50 Costumes

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Video City Productions Jon is off to be an expert witness for trial today #testify #truthandjustice05.05.2015 at 03:09 pmLike