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Remote Producer & Director


What is a Remote Producer?

Immediately after Coronavirus caused mass quarantine, our clients that we had worked with for years producing their commercials, filming their events, and telling their stories, reached out asking us to start repurposing content we had already produced for them and asking us to coach them to help them look their best on video. Some just wanted to look better on zoom calls. Others need animated videos or stock based videos because filming wasn’t possible. Many realized the need for ongoing content and were ready to start a vlog.

Remote producer is our way of working with anyone, anywhere to be able to do what all the greatest brands have always known – to market well you need to create content consistently.


We don’t sell equipment, so you can trust our unbiased opinion on the gear we’ve selected. Click here to see our ever expanding list of recommended packages to support everything from filming videos on your iPhone to starting a small live stream studio. Here we’ll post links to gear like lights, mics, and various cameras we think are worth investing in.


Here we will be posted our expanding library of videos with recommendations, tips, and explainers. Learn everything from how to maximize your iPhone to how to light a home studio. We’ll also present case studies of successful strategies here. This is your learning center for everything video.


Remote Director

Connect with our directors virtually and we’ll guide you through everything to get you going fast. We’ll help you prep your set, provide basic training on how to frame your shot, even how to present and deliver your lines.

Have us sit in on actual shoots remotely to ensure you hit the mark and don’t waste time. Before you know it you’ll have the skills to continue to create content on your own.

Remote Producer

This is a month to month service where our team will deep dive to help you create your content. Our team will help define the overall video strategy, your messaging, and each piece of content. This is the fastest and most consistent way to tell meaningful stories and connect with your audience, regularly. Click here to hear about the results we brought Roman Sharf whose vlogging is growing rapidly with over 25,000 followers to date!

  • Technical tutorials and equipment walk-throughs
  • Remote producing and remote directing
  • Remote editing and post-production

Remote Post-Production

Leverage our expansive editing team to edit your narrative, color correct your content, add titles and motion graphics.

With our remote collaboration tools you can completely take control of your content without knowing a single thing about editing.

Why Bother with Remote Production?

We don’t want anyone to throw resources they need at a short-term quick fix. We’re here for the long haul, to help keep you running even as this crisis resolves. But when we go back to normal, that “normal” will be different. People’s habits and expectations are changing, and the ability to create compelling content and connect remotely is going to be critical to continued success. We can help you find the remote production solutions that work for your long-term strategy.

For more statistics about online video, check out this research from Biteable.

Okay fine, I’m convinced but why VC Productions?

We have been producing content for international brands like Subaru and SUEZ, national brands like Five Below and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, and local brands like Philadelphia Magazine, schools, non-profits, and businesses. Visit our portfolio to see our work and how our focus on providing an elevated production experience make us a unique partner when it comes to remote production.

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